Taylor Swift AI images going viral – X attempts to censor the thing but fails again

Taylor Swift, the girl who is famous for her hunger for attention and for shedding fake tears when things don’t go her way (remember the Kanye West bed scene?), is part of a new scandal. This time on X (formerly Twitter). A guy created some AI images showing Taylor Swift in weird but sexy positions. The suggestive AI pics make it seem she is getting fucked again by an entire sports team.

This was the original post that caused the scandal:

Nothing new there, except for the fact that Elon Musk attempted to censor the entire thing and pretty much declared war against the internet. Of course it didn’t go as expected, and the AI pictures went viral. At some point the self proclaimed god of censorship even made the entire search queries for Taylor Swift fail, so people were unable to search for the very annoying celebrity.

What was the fuzz even about? Here are some of the Taylor Swift AI images:

Screenshot from 2024-01-29 04-48-21.pngScreenshot from 2024-01-29 04-48-08.pngScreenshot from 2024-01-29 04-47-53.pngScreenshot from 2024-01-29 04-47-39.pngScreenshot from 2024-01-29 04-46-50.pngScreenshot from 2024-01-29 04-46-45.pngScreenshot from 2024-01-29 04-46-40.pngScreenshot from 2024-01-29 04-46-34.png

Note: While AI-generated pictures can be visually impressive, it is crucial to understand their limitations. These images are not real photographs of Taylor Swift but rather computer-generated interpretations. They are based on patterns and data from existing photos and may not accurately reflect the artist’s true appearance or intentions.

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