Sex machines – Who needs a man if you can be fucked all night by a machine?

Sex machines (or fucking machines as they call them too) are kind of new to us. But we can’t help feeling amazed after watching several video’s of these machines in action. It seems to be trend now, for boyfriends to buy their girls a sex machine, maybe they are lazy, maybe they just think it’s really hot. But if you see how these sex machines fuck these girls you know for sure that they don’t want anything else anymore. It’s possible to connect different toys, big and small, or even vibrating, to these sex machines to increase the pleasure.

The girl below is tied to a sex machine by her boyfriend, just to be gently fucked by the sex machine. She seems to enjoy it very much.

But the horny slut below doesn’t do gentle. She prefers to be fucked hard by a black dildo connected to the sex machine. Watch how deep and fast it goes.

Even anal sex is no problem for these sex machines. This hardcore machine destroys her asshole like its nothing. Will she even be able to sit for the rest of the week?

There are also machines that you can sit on and ride. Just a real cowgirl. Use the remote to decide the intensity and keep control of your experience. 

Did you get excited? The company HiSmith makes sex machines for amateurs and professionals. They are the most experienced in building these machines. If you have any questions about how to assemble them, how to include the different toys and how everything works, you can always just ask HiSmith a question. We guarantee that you will love the results. We are also sure that many friends of yours either have or want to have a sex machine.

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