Breaking: King Charles of Britain diagnosed with cancer, postpones all duties to receive treatments

British King Charles III (75) is suffering from cancer and will have to postpone his public duties to receive treatment. The disease was recently diagnosed when the king underwent surgery for an enlarged prostate. Buckingham Palace announced this on Monday evening. His son, Prince Harry, will travel to the United Kingdom in the next few days to visit his father. King Charles not only personally informed his two sons of his cancer diagnosis. He also spoke to his brothers Andrew and Edward and his sister Anne. The BBC reports this.

“No one really saw this coming, least of all Charles himself,” says royal commentator Jo De Poorter. He and several other Flemish royal experts are examining Charles’ condition. “Charles is always so attentive to his health, and he is surrounded by the best medical staff imaginable. Unfortunately, health is something that fate makes no distinction in.”

Buckingham Palace had no choice but to make the news public, De Poorter also believes. “They have their backs against the wall. You could say it is noble to share this news, but the king had so many engagements on the agenda that they had no other way.”

American President Joe Biden (81) has said that his thoughts are with the British king. “Our thoughts are with the king and his family,” a spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said. “This is very sad news.” Biden himself is in Vegas and was approached about the news. “I’m worried about him,” he said. He also said that Charles can expect a phone call from him.

The diagnosis must be a bitter pill to swallow for King Charles (75). According to former BBC correspondent Jennie Bond, the monarch is “probably very annoyed” by the diagnosis. “But he’s a pretty positive guy overall.”

The king has only been on the throne since September 8, 2022, when he took over from his mother, the late Queen Elizabeth. He was then the longest-serving Crown Prince in British history. Since his coronation, Charles has been at a breakneck pace. He has already completed three state visits abroad, two at Buckingham Palace and hundreds of official activities.

Many famous British people sympathize with sick King Charles:

From TV presenters to former Prime Ministers of the United Kingdom and even the leader of the anti-monarchy movement Republic have wished the king well and the best via X, formerly Twitter.

“Cancer is a terrible disease and we are very sorry to hear of Charles’ diagnosis. We wish him a speedy recovery,” wrote Republic leader Graham Smith. Smith was arrested last year for a protest prior to Charles’ coronation.

Former footballer and TV presenter Gary Lineker also sympathizes with the king. “I am truly sorry to hear the news that King Charles has cancer. Terrible news. I wish him a full and speedy recovery,” said Lineker. Former ‘BBC’ face Carol Vorderman also wishes the king “a speedy recovery”.

Actor Sir David Suchet, who is best known for his role as detective Hercule Poirot in the TV series Poirot, praises his peer Charles for his openness about the disease. “It’s great that he has shared his cancer diagnosis so openly,” he also writes on behalf of his wife Sheila.

Three former Prime Ministers of the United Kingdom also share their condolences. Liz Truss sends “all the best wishes” to the king and his family and her predecessor Boris Johnson wishes the king “a full and speedy recovery”. Sir Tony Blair, who was Prime Minister between 1997 and 2007, has also made himself heard. “I wish His Majesty the King a full, speedy recovery and return to excellent good health,” Blair said.

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